Springtails derive their name from the spring-like structure that allows them to jump. They are nuisance pests that prefer high moisture areas where they can feed on decaying vegetation, bacteria, pollen, algae and the like. Since they are in search for moisture, Springtails often make their way into bathrooms, kitchens and crawl spaces as well as potted plants. Outdoors, they may be found in damp areas such as mulch, leaf piles and logs. If Springtails are found, the best way to remove them is to dry out the area of infestation, after which they will leave or die. If the area cannot be dried, then the appropriate pesticide should be applied.

  • MGK Onslaught Microencapsulted Insecticide 16 oz MGK Onslaught Microencapsulted Insecticide 64 oz


    Onslaught Insecticide

    Onslaught Insecticide is powerful and effective against bed bugs, cockroaches, stink bugs, fleas, brown dog ticks, stored product pests, granary insects, litter beetle, mosquitoes, flying insects, stinging insects, and over 200 other insect pests...

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  • Phantom II Insecticide Spray

    Phantom II Aerosol Spray

    Phantom II Aerosol Spray delivers the power and effectiveness of Phantom Insecticide in a convenient and easy-to-use aerosol can. Phantom aerosol provides broad-spectrum control over numerous indoor pests including bed bugs, ants and cockroaches...

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  • Transport GHP Insecticide


    Transport GHP Insecticide

    Transport GHP (General Household Pest) is one of the newest products from FMC. Transport GHP combines the powerful residual of bifenthrin with the transfer effect of acetamiprid. This means that you get fast colony elimination of pests with residual...

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  • EcoVia WD Wettable Dust 8oz EcoVia WD Wettable Dust 8oz

    EcoVia WD

    EcoVia WD effectively controls the population of any of your problem insect pests. This natural product allows flexibility in applying it, since it does not have pyrethroid or neonicotinoid use restrictions. EcoVia WD can be used as a...

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  • DeltaGard G Insecticide Granules

    DeltaGard G Granules

    Deltamethrin in a new water-dispersible carrier to provide quick knockdown and lasting control of insect pests in lawns and landscaped areas.   IMPORTANT! Because of the wide range in shipping costs depending on where it is shipping to, we've...

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  • Cy-Kick CS Insecticide

    Cy-Kick CS Pint

    Cy-Kick CS is an ideal broad-spectrum insecticide for prevention, maintenance, or active infestations of over 55 common structural pests in residential and commercial applications. SmartCap Technology makes Cy-Kick CS ideal for a variety of surfaces,...

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